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Winter Timber Framing Plus (2 weeks)

Winter 2019

February 18 – March 1

Port Angeles, Washington

Cost: $1250


Our Timber Framing Workshops give you hands-on experience in timber framing – a true craft. It offers you a unique opportunity to work with timbers as well as with others of like mind. For some, this experience could be a doorway into the rich world of wooden architecture and perhaps the beginnings of a career in timber framing. Regardless of your intent, the process of transforming a tree into one of the “bones” of a home is magical.

In this 2-week workshop, you will review the history of timber framing and contemporary practices used to build modern timber frame homes. Students will learn the basic principles of crafting a timber frame and will develop the following skills.

Week One: Timber Framing Tools & Joinery 

Wood selection: Learn how to chose the right timber in the correct orientation to transform a tree into a structural member of a home

Shop drawings: Make sense of complex shop drawings by learning to understand the details and dimension lines necessary to producing accurate work

Layout: Learn how to take information from drawings and accurately and efficiently transfer them to the timbers before cutting.

Joinery: Learn to precisely cut mortise and tenon joinery with hand and power tools.

Sharpening: Using Japanese water stones, gain proficiency in giving your chisels, slicks and planes a supreme cutting edge.


Week 2: Timber Frame Assembly and Erection 

Assembly of the timbers is the most important process. Just like a very large piece of furniture, the timber frame deserves the same patience given to crafting furniture.

Assembly: Learn the use of clamps and come-alongs to fine-tune and tightly fit the joinery to mate timbers into sections called bents.

Raising: Participate in the experience of erecting a timber frame and see your patient hand-work become a three-dimensional reality.


Week One of this series will take place offsite where we will create the timbers for a project in Port Angeles, Washington. We will then transport the timbers to Port Angeles, Washington where we will assemble the timbers and erect the timber frame for week two of the workshop.

Please note: You will need to provide your own tools for this workshop, which typically cost between $300-$400. You will receive a detailed list of required tools upon registration.  Additional costs include your morning and evening meals and lodging. Travel is required between week 1 and 2 of the workshop. Please contact EcoNest for details.


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.