We are proud and honored to partner with Shelterworks to bring you beautiful, healthy homes built with Faswall blocks. Faswall is a non-toxic, vapor-permeable, sound-proof block that results in a beautiful, exceptionally healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Although EcoNest has always used Faswall for our foundations and stem walls, we have begun to design many of our custom homes entirely out of Faswall. Below are two recently finished Faswall EcoNests. Stay tuned as our portfolio grows!

Faswall EcoNest Homes

EcoNest-Faswall Healthy Home Consults

Paula Baker-Laporte and the team at EcoNest Architecture, Inc. are cross trained in architecture and building biology. We are often called upon to consult on healthy homes for both new construction and renovations. We often have the opportunity to recommend Faswall to our mold and chemically sensitive consulting clients. Faswall has a wonderful track record with us and below is feedback from our consulting clients who have built their walls with Faswall.

Paula is an amazingly knowledgeable, experienced, practical, and supportive partner when it comes to crafting healthy and wonderfully “liveable” home havens.   She has been fun and easy to work with…even at a great distance! On her recommendation we built one of the first Faswall homes in  Massachusetts. The resulting home has nurtured us with year-round comfort and has helped me to restore my health.” Kirstin Lynde, Lincoln Mass.

I have been chemically sensitive for more than 25 years, and one of my favorite coping mechanisms has been imagining what a home that worked for a chemically sensitive person might look like.  When I was finally in a position to build my own home I chose Faswall insulating concrete forms as the building material both because the material had superior physical properties for a healthy home and because the company has experience building homes that are safe for clients with respiratory problems. I hired Paula Baker-Laporte and Company as my healthy home consultants because they understand chemical sensitivity, the construction industry in general and have extensive experience with Faswall.  Paula was able to help me through the daunting task of choosing materials that were safe for me, and when issues arose on the construction site she was able to communicate solutions in terms that made sense to the construction crew.   Combined with a hydronic heat concrete floor and clay plaster interior walls my house is energy efficient, comfortable and very safe. I was able to move in immediately with no adverse reactions!”   Kathryn Grannis Poulsbo WA

I used to have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. I used to suffer from EMF exposure.

For over 15 years I was so sensitive and reactive to everything, that finally my husband and I decided that the best way to help me heal was to build a home that wasn’t poisonous, chemically and electrically. After reading Paula’s book “Prescriptions for a Healthy Home”, we decided to use EcoNest as our consultants to build our healthy home in Colorado. We already had plans, and with EcoNest’s guidance we tweaked them to make them optimal for healthy building purposes.

We chose to use Faswall (an ICF using mineralized concrete) and fiberglass rebar to form our exterior. The idea of having breathable walls was so appealing in theory, but the actuality of living in a vapor permeable home is even better. We have ideal humidity environment (even here in Colorado) inside the home and no issues with dust or mold or insects. My temperature remains cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter, and the interior feel is cozy, no matter the season.

I would definitely build with Faswall again, and I would definitely rely on EcoNest’s professional expertise again. The consulting information was invaluable to our build. In fact, we wish we had employed EcoNest Architecture and Consulting’s services from the beginning of our process.

I’ve lived in this healthy home for 2 years now. We managed to execute the ideal and use all non-toxic materials to finish and decorate our home and I can honestly tell you that I do not consider myself to have MCS anymore. Not only have my sensitivities anymore, I am thriving at a new level. We designed the home to have as low EMF as possible, and the master switch in the bedroom is by far my favorite thing you recommended.

Thank you for sharing your expertise and guiding our home to be the ultimate healthy house to live in.
” -Jennifer Kaufman, Larkspur, CO

Faswall EcoNests Under Construction

EcoNest Faswall Stock Plans

We realize that full architectural services are out of the budget for many homeowners wishing to build a small, affordable healthy home. We have created a series of small home plans (900 sf and 1200 sf) that combine Faswall with the style, craftsmanship, timber frame, and natural materials of EcoNest. These plans come with our manual for healthy protocols and materials recommendations providing the purchaser with all of the resources to complete a healthy build from foundation to rooftop. Our Faswall EcoNest stock plans will be available soon!