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Johnson Residence

Beyond net-zero

In 2006 Don and Michele Johnson came to New Mexico to attend our Homing In seminar. At that time they were looking for land in Oregon on which to build their dream retirement home. During their trip they fell in love with the Santa Fe area and shortly after found their perfect property. Although not in their original plans, a turn of events lead to Don and Michele becoming owner/builders and they poured themselves into the complex task with heart and soul. The finishednest, which they moved in to in March, 2008, is one that we are all proud of.

The compound with a 2,200 sq. ft. home and 650 sq. ft. studio and detached garage are massed to create a sheltered entry courtyard. The home features a central living room with adjoining piano nook, dining area and den/study. The master bedroom suite and guest suite flank either side of the den.

The exterior coating of the home, a breathable potassium silicate product called Keim, has proved its durability through one of the stormiest winters in recent history..

A combination of passive solar collection with photo-voltaics and solar hot water have resulted in “beyond net zero” with checks from the electric utility outweighing utility bills.

Photo Credits: Kim Kurian