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Articles by Paula Baker-Laporte

  • Buildings that Stand the Test of Time

  • In our fast-paced and ever changing culture we seldom have the luxury of making choices based on a long track record of success.  This becomes quickly apparent in choosing building products. I recently called a major manufacturer to find out what was in a new product developed to prevent mold growth on framing lumber. I wanted to avoid the use of biocides for this chemically sensitive client.

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  • If Doctors Made House Calls

    Interview with Dr.Erica Elliott MD by Paula Baker-Laporte

  • When I was a kid and I got sick…the doctor came to me. My mom would scurry about cleaning up the house as this honored guest was on his way.

    It is unfortunate on many levels that doctors can no longer offer this service. Having spent many years speaking to hundreds of people who have suffered from environmentally induced poor health I have come to wish that every doctor was trained to make at least a verbal house call as one component of a holistic case history.

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  • Color in Accordance with Nature

  • Building Biology advises us to use color “in accordance with nature” in our built environments. I never grasped the full significance of this until I was called upon to design a healthy home for a pair of birds!

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  • Building Biology and the Healthy House

  • Until about 25 years ago, indoor air pollution was a very limited phenomenon, but three basic things have changed in the evolution of building technology resulting in the current widespread concern about the environmental quality inside our homes.

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  • What A Workshop Means

  • At EcoNest we hold four Natural Building Workshop sessions each year. Students are met at their own level and then gently challenged, to cultivate and hone the innate builder within them.  Whether the entry point is “screw gun 101” or refining complex wooden joinery skills the environment is created and the tone is set for enrichment… but not just of building skills. There is something significant that happens on a soul level when we come together to build with common vision….a vision of working in balance with nature.

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Paula’s Mother Earth News Blogs

  • Breathe: Creating a Healthy Indoor Climate

  • There is an ideal relative humidity range for our health and that is somewhere between 35% and 55%. In modern life we have introduced many new sources of moisture into our homes. Daily showers, laundry, cooking and dishwashing tend to create concentrated bursts of humidity.

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  • What a Healthy Home Consultant Can Do For You

  • There are many reasons for hiring a Healthy Home Consultant and many different types of consultants. This article covers the four main reasons for hiring a healthy home consultant and 5 major requirements for achieving a successful healthy home construction or renovation.

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Articles about EcoNest and Baker-Laporte & Associates

  • In the News . . .

  • Learn more about EcoNest in the news! You can find EcoNest on the radio, print media, and the internet!

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  • Excerpt from The EcoNest Home: Introduction to the Modern Timber Frame

  • Timber Framing is the craft of post and beam construction connected with mortise and tenon joinery.  Coveted from generation to generation, the natural strength and warmth of a hand-crafted frame graces a home with a profound connection to the forest, invoking a deep sense of serenity.

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  • New Stock Plan: Peregrine GH2

  • Our newest addition to the Peregrine Family of Stock plans features a modest footprint of 830 square feet with the enticement of outdoor living.

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  • Tips from An EcoNest Owner and Mortgage Banker

  • I live in an EcoNest in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I am also a mortgage banker.  While I enjoy all of the benefits of this type of construction, I am aware that it is "different".  However, the differences are primarily qualitative and should not affect an EcoNest owner's ability to finance a home.

    Featured in "" by Andrew Hoffman

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  • EcoNest Wins “Best of Houzz”

  • Houzz is a platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners
    and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community.

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  • New FolkNest Stock Plan

    FolkNest FN-1: The Little Nest that Could

  • We are excited to unveil our newest stock plan: the FolkNest FN-1. 

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  • “Prescriptions for a Healthy House” Inspired Home

  • This Mulmur house was designed from the ground up with healthy living in mind.

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  • Excerpt from “The EcoNest Home” – The Larsen Truss

    Constructing Corner Larsen Truss Jig

  • In this technical section of "The EcoNest Home," you will learn how to construct a corner Larsen truss jig. Whether you are setting up a permanent shop or building a single home it is well worth your time to create a proper work station for efficient mass production of the many hundreds of framing components.

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  • Book Signing Events

  • Attend our upcoming lecture and book signings!

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  • Excerpt from The EcoNest Home: Matrix Framework

  • The following excerpt is an example of a technical section of "The EcoNest Home."


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  • Excerpt from The EcoNest Book: Using Natural Unadulterated Building Materials

  • In 1990 Robert went to Europe in his quest for a natural building system with which to enclose his timber frames. He was seeking an eco-friendly replacement for the pressboard and petro-foam panels known as SIPS (structural insulated panels)...

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  • Excerpt from The EcoNest Home: Challenges and Rewards on the Road Less Traveled

  • Creating a biological home from scratch is an opportunity to enrich your life while contributing an inspirational example for others.

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  • Paradise Lane Awarded 1st Place Residential at the 2015 People’s Choice Awards of AIA Southern Oregon!

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  • A Breath of Fresh Air

  • A husband-wife designer-builder team relies on natural materials and a tradition of craftsmanship to create their healthy New Mexico home.

    Featured in "Natural Home" by Linda Mason Hunter

    March 2002

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  • Casa Natura

  • The Stanton Residence designed by Baker-Laporte and Associates and built by EcoNest Building Company.

    Featured in "Natural Home" by Linda Mason Hunter

    May/June 2002

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  • Building Healthful Homes

  • A centuries-old building technique combines timber and clay to create durable homes in New Mexico. Home designed by Baker-Laporte and Associates and built by the EcoNest Building Company.

    Featured in "Fine Homebuilding annual issue on Houses" by Paula Baker-Laporte

    Summer 2002

  • Breathing Room

  • In the foothills of Santa Fe, a pair of globe-trotting yoga teachers build a house as healthy as they are.

    Featured in "Organic Style" by Kelly Tagore

    January/February 2003

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  • Home Free

  • A simple blueprint for restoring body and soul.

    Featured in "Alternative Medicine" by Sally Lehrman

    September 2003

  • Yoga Journal’s Guide to Bringing Yoga Home

  • Harmonious Homes, eco-dwellings that shelter the soul and protect the planet.

    Featured in "Yoga Journal" by Molly Culbertson

    October 2003

  • The Healthful House

  • Natural, sustainable materials are gentle on the environment and on the homeowners.

    Featured in "Inspired House" by Paula Baker-Laporte

    April 2005

  • EcoNest Building Company

  • Designing and building human nests.

    Featured in "Santa Fe Real Estate (Santa Fe New Mexican)" by Paul Weiderman

    January 2006

  • Healing by Design

  • Creating a living space that can relieve illness and promote good health is less complicated - and less expensive - than you may think.

    Featured in "Santa Fe Trend" by Nancy Zimmerman

    Winter/Spring 2006

  • Spaces of Spirit and Straw: Learn Why People are Building Green

  • The wondrous and perhaps alchemical permutations of clay, straw, water and wood have always provided New Mexicans with structures of sublime beauty and comfort.

    Featured in "April 2006" by Elmo Baca

  • Kemp Lake Oasis: A Labour of Love

  • The Conwright home on Kemp Lake Road is an innovative home utilizing green technology.

    Featured in "Sooke News Mirror" by Jim Sinclair

    October 2008

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  • For the Birds

  • While creating a healthy home for her beloved parrots, a New Mexico eco-developer gets an education in green living.

    Featured in "Natural Home Magazine" by Paula Baker-Laporte

    January/February 2009

  • Building Biology 101

  • Just as wellness is more than the absence of disease, a healthy home means far more than a toxin-free environment.

    Featured in "Natural Home Magazine" by Paula Baker-Laporte

    January/February 2009

  • Unwanted Exposure: Making the bedroom an EMF-free sanctuary

  • Eliminating EMFs in the bedroom.

    When I was a very young girl the full page add on the back of Life magazine read “More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette”. By the time I was a teenager it was rumored that smoking cigarettes might stunt growth. Now it is commonplace knowledge that cigarette smoke can cause cancer.

    Featured in "From House to Home" by Paula Baker-Laporte

    February/March 2009

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