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Backyard EcoNest . . . BEN!

How would you use a small space designed for your wellbeing?
a creative space for your best writing
a welcoming cottage for your beloved guest
a tranquil space for meditating
an inspirational music or art studio

Welcome to BEN, our Backyard EcoNest - a nest within reach.

Our stock BEN designs include: the Hummingbird, the Dove, and the Jay. Call EcoNest for pricing.

The Hummingbird


The Hummingbird is our smallest backyard nest at approximately 120 sf. This EcoNest is a timber frame featuring cork wall panels and natural sheep's wool roof insulation. The entire structure is prefabricated in our workshop and assembled onsite.

We built our BEN prototype in the workshop, assembled it in a temporary location, disassembled it, and reassembled it in its permanent home.

Watch a time lapse video of our Hummingbird Ben construction. 


Dignity  . . .  freedom  . . .  inspiration  . . . health . . .  vitality . . . beauty. . .  await you in BEN.