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Beginners Mind

Eight years ago I was one of 35 woodworkers visiting Japan with Osamusan one of the founders of Hida Tools. Each day revealed a beauty deeper than the previous.

I’ll never forget the day Osamusan took us to meet Ichibei Iwanusan IX, the country’s foremost calligraphy paper maker known in Japan as a national treasure.

Iwanusan began his craft at age 15 and was then 85 effortlessly demonstrated his mastery making a piece of exquisite paper for us. Creation unfolded as we watched quietly with reverence.

After twenty minutes questions were invited. “How long was your apprentice came the first question” After a moment of thought Iwanusan responded… Still!

Imagine waking up each day, hungry to better your skills, determined do your very best work ever. Improve, refine, grow, progress, evolve, knowing your life and the craft at hand has no limits. This “beginners mind” is a gift we are each born with.

For me there is nothing more inviting to my “inner child” than a fresh piece of wood and a newly sharpened chisel. I am not alone. I watch with joy as my students interact with natural materials shaping them, shaping themselves, again and again, beginners mind rediscovered.

Join us and reawaken your beginners mind!