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EcoNest 2020


Backyard Econest (B.E.N.)

Imagine having your own small, healthy dwelling (120-400 sq ft) for guests, personal use, retreats, or to rent out.

"I just moved into my Dove, a 400 square foot B.E.N. It is elegant and cozy and I would not want to live anywhere else." Lynn, OR


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"The Finch is amazing - the clay plaster, exposed timbers, window seat with a view, and earthen floor provide a peaceful, inspiring space to work, read, or just be." -Ursula, OR

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Are you building in Southern Oregon? We can build your Backyard EcoNest (B.E.N.) for you or you can take part in a workshop to help create your own cozy Nest.

Call today (541.690.9213) to schedule your visit of our model B.E.N.s in Ashland, Oregon. Learn about the benefits and experience the beauty of natural home-building.

EcoNest Affiliate

Check our affiliates page to see if we have an EcoNest builder in your area.

Owner Built

Want to build your own B.E.N.? Explore our training options and choose the best fit for you and your project.

"I'm so excited about the April and May workshops and the opportunity to share my lifetime of building experience with eager students and enthusiastic home-owners to be." -Robert Laporte



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For over 35 years, EcoNest has offered hands on workshops where students learn how to build their own healthy dwellings.

“We love the workshop model - it’s a win-win-win situation for the builder, host and participants who learn so much. We have a new appreciation for the art, craft, and science that goes into building even a humble shelter.” Jason & Doro, WA

Watch the video Jason and Doro made of their EcoNest experience.

Experience the satisfaction of creating a healthy shelter with your own hands.  Our 2020 workshops will be held in April and May - register here.


Private Training

For individuals and couples who want to accelerate the building of their B.E.N., working together with Robert.

“My biggest takeaway has been discovering the craftsmanship that is required to do something as intimate and precise as timber framing. The whole experience has been amazing, especially experiencing Robert’s expertise and the ease with which he expresses and teaches it.” - Tom, OR

“Although I learned a lot of technical, hard skills, the way Robert approaches building – at an almost meditative state – is where I’ve learned the most.” – Christopher, WA

Apprenticeship has been the traditional way that masters pass along their knowledge. Work side-by-side with Robert to confidently develop a solid foundation of basic healthy building skills.




Are you planning a natural building project which involves timber framing and mass wall construction? Access Robert’s 40 years of experience building throughout North, Central, and South America, and Scandinavia.

“As an interior design student, I was unaware of the negative impact conventional buildings have on human health and the environment. Working with Robert Laporte has left me inspired and optimistic about a future in natural building.” Chelsea Barnard

Is 2020 the year you build your dream dwelling? Contact Robert to discuss the details. CONTACT:





When interviewed by Natural Home magazine in 2001 and asked “What is the most important thing you would say to a builder interested in natural building?” Robert responded: “Start with a good design.”

Invite Robert to consult on the three essentials that guarantee a successful finished project: good design, quality materials, and craftsmanship. CONTACT:


“It’s easy to get caught up in the mainstream and commercialism of what building has become. Working with Robert is a reminder of how important it is to take a step back to contemplate design, and to carefully choose the right building system and materials.” Lori, OR