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EcoNest Affiliate Keary Conwright Completes New Peregrine in Sooke B.C.


This 1800 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, peregrine style EcoNest was the summer workshop project for 2013. It features a hand built masonry oven, east dining trellis,entry breezeway with adjoining 2-car garage. The workmanship in impeccable. It is now completed and on the market.

For more information contact Keary Conwright  and to view the home contact

My first inspiration / motivation for getting into natural building was when I was fascinated by reading "The Natural House" by Frank Lloyd Wright back in the 70's. His homes were so far ahead of their time and so much more beautiful than anything I had ever seen. I was around conventional construction most of my life and was never comfortable with the smells coming from modern synthetic materials, so was always looking for a better way.

My vision evolved over the years, but always included comfortable sunlit spaces surrounded by natural healthy materials.

My first step towards achieving that vision was building a small home for my family in northern BC, using solid laminated 2x4 walls and recycled windows and doors (the budget was miniscule !). It was heated with a wood stove, of course and nearly burned down with the first chimney fire. That was when I started investigating better ways to heat a home and was quite excited to learn about solar energy, particularly of the passive approach, so years later when I was able to build with a more reasonable budget I tried to incorporate a lot of the ideas picked up over time. The result was the house on Kemp Lake Road in Sooke.

Part of the inspiration for that house was a result of attending an EcoNest workshop in New Mexico in 2001. I had been considering rammed earth walls, until I found out first hand how much work they were and realized they would need exterior insulation in this climate, so was quite intrigued by the idea of using straw and clay instead. The EcoNest workshop brought those ideas into reality by showing me an efficient system of building  healthy walls and introducing me to like minded people who shared my vision.

This latest project, the Sooke EcoNest has indeed been a journey of a thousand steps and decisions, some more anguishing than others, but always tempered by knowing I could ask Robert and Paula for advice along the way. Thank you both. I feel more confident and empowered all the time, knowing that I have created a healthy home and a shining example of what is possible with natural building. The recent open house was well attended and there were a lot of questions about " How can we do this on our land ?"

My $50 tip is just believe in yourself and DO IT!


- Kerry Conwright

Plaster work by Sarah Way