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EcoNest in the Kitchen: Coconut Curry Sauce with Tempeh

An excerpt from the EcoNest Cookbook:

I have always been around good food. It was one of my mother’s forms of loving and caring deeply for her family. Preparing delicious meals from scratch with fresh ingredients was the norm. I watched and she always let me help. I first learned to cook for large numbers in 1978 when I started a health food catering business in Toronto called Moveable Feast and then honed these skills many years later as a monthly head chef in a co-housing community in Santa FE NM where I lived.

Coconut Curry Sauce w/ Tempeh

Ingredients for 24  servings

6 C          Cubed Tempeh

1 C          Coconut oil

6               Onions, white thinly sliced or shllots

6  TBS    Ginger, finely chopped

¾ C          Lemongrass, minced

5 cans      Coconut Milk + enough water to =10 cups

¼ C       Soy Sauce

2+ TBS    Thai Curry paste or Curry powder

¼ C           Palm Sugar

1 TB Sea salt

6 Qts       large cubed Broccoli, Cauliflower, carrot, yam Zucchini



Heat coconut oil

Saute onion, ginger, lemongrass, tempeh  (20 minutes)

Add Veggies and Saute (approx.. 15 Minutes) or until onion is well cooked, veggies al dente

Mix Coconut, soy sauce and Curry paste and add to sauté

Taste and add salt if required or more curry if desired



Serve over bean thread or rice noodles.

Garnish with toasted coconut flakes or shreds