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EcoNest Intensive Testimonial from Buba Katsitadze

Dear Paula and Robert, Dear Gabe, Bill, Anders and Tobi, Dear readers,

It’s so difficult to explain in words what I really feel in so short time. That is a very short story of my adventure in the USA, (Ashland), but I will try my best.

My name is Buba Katsitadze. I come from a very tiny country named Georgia. It’s thousands of miles away from the USA. My profession is a seaman but in fact that’s not a kind of job that I have dreamt of. Since my very childhood I loved to deal with the wood, carpentry…. There was one very good master in my town, who worked at the theatre workshop. I used to go and watch him working when I was maybe twelve years old… I have always wanted to become a master like he was. My grandfather, whom I have never met in fact, was also a carpenter and I think that in my blood I have always had something that always leaded me to carpentry.

Now I am thirty-five years old. A year ago I started looking for some websites on the net and it was exactly when I was on board. I came across a very good website EcoNest and it was my fate, my luck, my everything, my dream. I just sent an email which was given on the website. I don’t remember exactly when, but maybe after a day I checked my mail and there was reply from EcoNest. And after little correspondence I decided that it was the place which I have always dreamt of. The fact is that I was true. After few months I signed off the ship and sent an email to EcoNest regarding my course, but it appeared that I was a bit late. I thought that everything ended for the moment but didn’t give up. The thing was that the course was full; it means that no more than 4 people were taken for the course. I asked very much Robert and Paula to attend me the very course, but they needed agreement of the rest of the group. Paula and Robert sent them a letter regarding this situation and I was very lucky that the group agreed to have me as the fifth member, they made an exception and for it I am grateful. Only one man was in doubt Gabe “the king of Caldera” J who became my closest friend in the group.

Shortly I will try to express my feelings, emotions and new experiences which had in Ashland. The Master, the friend, the teacher Robert Laporte, who awaked a builder in me, who showed me how to feel the wood, how to feel the tools. I was watching him and learning new thing  every single moment, it was not only about building ,it was also about how a person can be a real human being, a real person ,how a person can enjoy the life that is so precious to all of us. I was watching him and learning: patience, happiness and love. This person made my dream come true, he made my future colorful and real.

At the moment I am in my home town looking forward to use what I have learned. There is a very old proverb in Georgian, I will try to get to you, “Once in his or her life every person must plant a tree, build a house and have a baby.” And it’s Robert Laporte who gave me a chance to fulfill one of these three things.

Dear reader, you won’t regret or be disappointed if you go on with the EcoNest group.

I want to repeat once more that this is the minimum of my adventure, of what you really can gain with the EcoNest group.

Paula, Robert, Gabe, Bill, Anders, Tobi I love you so much and these memories will stay with me for all my life. Thanks to each of you for your support, love and friendship.


Buba Katsitadze