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EcoNests in Progress

What comes after an EcoNest workshop? The EcoNest workshop is a fertile place to wake your inner builder and we love following our owner-builders from past workshops and their progress on their EcoNests since the completion of their workshops.

It is heartening: the innate builder is waking up in people of all walks of life today . . . discovering the joy and satisfaction of crafting their own "nest". It feels good!

Julie and Andrew from our Spring 2016 workshop are starting plaster work.


Janet and Ivan from our Spring 2017 workshops have recently finished the roof and are getting ready to plaster.

Liz and Bobby have been erecting their pre-fab straw clay walls that have been drying off-site while welcoming a baby girl into their family!


Ariela has completed the finish work and moved into her EcoNest in Oregon.

Shyanne’s nest on Vancouver Island