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Excerpt from The EcoNest Home: Challenges and Rewards on the Road Less Traveled

Creating a biological home from scratch is an opportunity to enrich your life while contributing an inspirational example for others. Keep in mind these three things:

  • You are a pioneer
  • You are not alone
  • When you build it, they will come!

You are a pioneer

Being a pioneer involves breaking new ground. Expect challenges. Finding a design and build team who share your vision will be the first challenge. You may need to educate and seek permission from building officials who are unfamiliar with the alternatives you have chosen. Your lender may need to "work harder" to get an approval. Your appraisal will not reflect the value of the health, comfort, and energy independence incorporated into your home. People who are well meaning and care about you but do not share your vision will be skeptical, giving you their best advice to do something more conventional.

You are not alone

Much of this "road less traveled" has already been paved for you. Keeping your vision alive is easier when you find good shoulders to stand upon. There has been a fruitful grassroots movement creating natural ecological homes in this country for the past 25 years. Thousands of natural homes have been built successfully, and there are enthusiastic professionals and homeowners who are more than willing to share their experiences with you. New books with fine examples are published regularly. The nation's building codes are beginning to include alternative building methods, making permitting easier.

When you build it, they will come

Take our word for it! It is our experience that people in this nation are longing to experience a "biological" home, especially when they have never actually experienced anything other than conventional construction before. Just as you found EcoNest in your search for a healthier, more natural way to create your home, others will be searching for what you will create. Upon completion of your home, you will most definetely get lots of requests for visits. Your new home will speak of your passionate commitment to a better future. It is bother generous and necessary to share your accomplishment with others. To the extent that you are willing - through writing, photos, home tours, school outings, etc. - you will help influence the course of the future in a positive way. What could be more rewarding?