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IBE 214 & 215 Students Say . . .

The International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology (IBE) recently launched their newest certification, Building Biology New-Build Consultant (BBNC) with two new classes: 214 and 215. The program consisted of 2 four-day seminars held in Santa Fe, New Mexico in December 2017. Here are some of the things our students had to say about the courses:

“AS someone who is not part of the building industry, I was worried that IBE 214 & 215 would be a bit over my head, but the instructors were sensitive to this and provided meticulous details along with real world examples to help me understand concepts. I feel the seminars have laid a foundation and framework of knowledge for me to begin working with my local building professionals to design / build homes that are optimal for health.”  Nora Ureste, Homeowner

“THANK you Stephen, Paula and Andrea for your masterful teachings and introductions to Building Biology. Upon returning home I was asked by my family, friends and colleagues to describe my experience in Santa Fe. I was able to tell them that it was nothing short of life changing. As a design practitioner of 20 plus years with an increasing focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, I thought I had amassed a fairly comprehensive and relevant body of knowledge pertaining to residential design and construction... until now. Albeit my past knowledge is in some ways applicable; however, my recent exposure to BB practices, thanks to you, has revolutionized my architectural ideology. I am looking forward to expanding my education on this subject and putting it into practice as soon as possible and I think I can safely speak for the rest of the student group of IBE 214 & 215 of 2017 that we are wholly, fully and completely inspired by your work. A common remark made by many of the students was that we were all impressed by the positive group dynamic. It seemed that every spare moment outside of class-time (and sometimes during class-time) we were engaged in discussion and sharing information and anecdotes about our personal connections to Building Biology related issues. For sure many new, valuable, and hopefully long lasting, friendships were made during this time. Special thanks to Erik and Michael and the entire team at the institute for bringing us together and guiding us on this new path towards healthy living. Looking forward to seeing you in February 2018.”  Mark Gildenhaar Design Consultant, B.Sc.Eng., BCIN 32133

“THIS seminar will make a profound impact on you. You will gain a fundamental understanding of how we got here from the beginning of civilization to modern times and what has worked and what has not. The module on Climate Issues is exceptionally informative as you will be able to determine the best decisions for your local climatic zone. Highly recommend this course for anyone thinking of new build or renovation!” Andrew Guido, professional builder

“AS for all Building Biology courses, the material presented should be taught to all architects, designers, builders, developers, and -- honestly -- the general public. Awareness through education is the only way to start making small impressions for a better and healthier built environment for the future. The time is now as the general public is interested in listening, providing us with a much larger audience. Thank you to Stephen, Paula, Andrea, and the entire Building Biology organization for making these seminars happen.” Bobby Ilg, Architect

“AS architects, we are well-trained in how to put together a conventional building, and yet we are always searching for a way to detail our buildings better. This is because the American Standard Practices are fundamentally flawed. This course elegantly exposes issues with today's "best practices" and explains the science behind Building Biology's simple solutions.” Veronica Schreibeis Smith, Architect

“I especially appreciated the folks that attended this class! From where they came, intentions for being in the class, their individual contributions.” M.S., BBEC, EMRS

“AS a builder, I’m now challenged to implement Building Biology principles into every project. I’m forever changed and will look at every building from a different perspective, asking, ‘is this beneficial or detrimental to human health?’ Heartfelt thanks to Paula and Steve for inspiring and informative presentations. Many thanks also to Erik, Andrea, and each student that added to the learning experience.” Steven Rogers, Steven Rogers Construction, Inc.


We think it's safe to say that everyone - students, administrators, and instructors - came away from this seminar with a renewed passion for healthy design and building.