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Live from Ghazal: Report from Buba

Master, teacher,  friend,  Robert hi...

25th of August I joined board the ship "Ghazal". It's always difficult to me leaving the home,  but now I am so motivated.  When I went back to Portland,  I bought Tedd Benson's book, same book which you showed us.  I completed reading that book and now I almost done with the EcoNest book.  Highlighting everything, they are so interesting... my head going to bust from all this information. Waiting for when this contract will be finished.  Now tools. In after I left you I decided to have Makita tools, but unfortunately I couldn't find them in Georgia.  Now I am in contact with official dealers in Turkey,  they are promising everything.  About property. I checked some lands one and a half hour away from my house,  perfect places,  with clay, technical and drinking water, natural air.  Robert very cheap, around $7 000 for 6000 square meters. Materials... I had a couple of friends of mine, architects and builders, they are promising fir and pine trees from 400 to 450 dollars per cubic meters.  So Robert, I hope 2015 year will be my reborning. I'm going to create beauty,  you will be proud of me.... I love you guys and I miss you so much. Very best regards from Tsatsku.....

Chven tqven gvikvarkhart (we love you)