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Nugget from Dale Brotherton

When was the last time you used a chisel to cut wood? It might seem childish almost primitive, but this one simple act of taking buttery slices from lively wood can be a source of great joy or, if not done right, frustration. Like many things in life, preparation can make all the difference. With a Japanese chisel preparation begins with setting the hoop on the handle. In our class we walk through this process first trimming the wood to allow the steel hoop to squeeze down, compressing the handle without butting against any shoulder. Next, soak the wood with water, then hammer to mushroom the wood over the hoop locking it in place. Once dry the chisel can be struck with a steel hammer without damaging the handle affording firm, heavy, controlled blows.

The next step in preparation is sharpening. For that you will need to come to the class.  Great joy and mountains of beautiful wood shavings are in store for those who attend.

-Dale Brotherton

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