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The Hovercraft Story

"If any of you want to design and build a two man hovercraft this school year come to my class after school today." announced Mr. Oldenburg my 10th grade drafting teacher......

Little did Bruce, Geoff, and I know that 3 years and 3000 hours later (12,000 total man hours) we would be flying GEM, Canada's first student built Ground Effect Machine. The hovercraft did fly and so did we. It's amazing what George Oldenburg inspired us to do.

This was my real high school education. This was the beginning of a life-long apprenticeship in building.

Today at age 62 I am about half way through my apprenticeship.........

George was a master teacher and I have become a master builder much because of his influence at such a formative time at my life.

Thank you, George!