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Unwanted Exposure: Making the bedroom an EMF-free sanctuary

The bedroom as an EMF-free sanctuary.

When I was a very young girl the full page add on the back of Life magazine read “More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette”. By the time I was a teenager it was rumored that smoking cigarettes might stunt growth. Now it is commonplace knowledge that cigarette smoke can cause cancer.

With the age of electronic and wireless communications upon us, the controversy surrounding the health effects of electro-magnetic fields (EMF’s) is mounting and may, by some accounts, far surpass the tobacco debacle. Thousands of studies have indicated that EMF’s are harmful to our health. Leukemia, brain tumors, hyper-sensitivity, bedwetting, muscle pain, insomnia and even cataracts have been linked to these invisible exposures. Other studies, often funded by industry, claim that EMF’s are not harmful and in the US, no comprehensive policies have been enacted to protect the public to-date. During the day, whether at work or play, we are constantly bombarded by these invisible waves. Feeling helpless in the face of powers beyond your control? There is an effective way to protect your family where it matters the most.

Creating an EMF-free sleeping sanctuary is a prudent strategy. The human body is, after all, a complex electromagnetic system. We are primarily composed of water and are chock-full of electrically conductive minerals. Our internal electrical system does its repair work while we are sleeping via very low frequency electrical pulses issued by the brain. External electromagnetic frequencies can interfere with this repair work so avoiding them during sleep time is both effective and achievable.

Here are some steps that you can take to immediately reduce exposure in the bedroom while sleeping.

  1. Eliminate electrical devices in your bedroom or unplug them at night.
  2. Trade in your electric alarm clock for a battery operated one.
  3. Do not use an electric blanket or water bed heater.
  4. Leave cell phones out of the bedroom while you sleep.
  5. Only use a cordless phone if it is less than 2.4 gigahertz.
  6. Make sure that the area around your bed and on the other side of the wall from your bed is free of motorized equipment and electrical devices such as a refrigerator, freezer, electrical meter, entertainment center, or electrical baseboard heating. (The magnetic fields from these devices drop away quickly so distance makes a difference.)
  7. Use natural organic bedding, pajamas, fabrics and flooring.
  8. Buy a natural mattress without springs.

How safe is your bedroom? The best way to determine that is to have a bedroom EMF survey done by a trained professional who has all the specialty equipment necessary. A perfect bedroom would have very low fields matching those found in unadulterated nature, but building biology states that any improvement is worthwhile.

Although the chart below may seem intimidating, given all the potential fields that we may be exposed to, there is a way to fix almost any problem and a knowledgeable inspector will guide you through the process of creating your sanctuary.


A/C electric Electrical wiring in ceilings, walls and floors Electric field meterBody voltage meter Shut off circuitry to room at breaker box or with kill or demand switch devices in room. Note smoke detector must remain activated
A/C magneticNote: these fields travel through walls so note what is on the other side of wall from your bed. Proximity to motorized equipment when on.Wiring errors.Electronic devices near the bed GausmeterAmmeter Have wiring errors fixed by electrician.Unplug electrical equipment around bed or move bed.Use battery operated alarm clock.
Radio Frequency Cell phonesCordless phonesWireless communication devicesExternal sources (cell phone towers) RF detectorRF analyzer Shield from sources outside home.Remove cordless phones and cell phones from bedroomTurn off wireless routers
DC or Static electric Natural ion balance is disturbed through use of synthetic bedding, upholstery, carpeting, forced air heating. Presence of static electricity. Use natural bed, bedding, pajamas, flooring and fabrics in bedroom.Open windows when possible to let in fresh air.
DC or Static Magnetic Metal bed frames or bedsprings that have become magnetized. DC GaussmeterOil filled compass Replace magnetized bed frame or mattress with non-metallic alternative.
Radioactivity Radon is naturally occurring in some locations.Some glazed tiles and stone products are radioactive Geiger-counter.Radon test Learn about Integrated Radon should be professionally mitigatedOther radioactive sources should be removed.


Resources for more information, referrals to trained EMF inspectors and equipment: