EcoNest Natural Building Workshops and Timber Framing Workshops

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Our Natural Building Workshops

With nature as our gold standard the EcoNest natural building training awakens craftsmanship, builds teamwork and inspires leadership.

"I am not the workshop teacher. I only facilitate the introduction. Wood, clay, fiber and stone are your teachers."
- Robert Laporte

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  • *New Workshop: Finishing Intensive EcoNest 101

  • Finish here now.

    Finishing a natural home and seeing all the pieces come together seamlessly is deeply satisfying.

    Although it takes a lifetime to learn any craft, the journey is a delight with the right start. This 10-day workshop will give you the right start with finish work experiences ranging from roof, stair, and deck building,  to finish stone and tile work, to natural plasters, to tongue and groove ceiling construction.

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  • Timber Framing Workshop

  • Sharpen Your Chisel and Sharpen Your Mind.

    Our Timber Framing Workshops give you hands-on experience in timber framing – a true craft. It offers you a unique opportunity to work with timbers as well as with others of like mind. For some, this experience could be a doorway into the rich world of wooden architecture and perhaps the beginnings of a career in timber framing. Regardless of your intent, the process of transforming a tree into one of the “bones” of a home is magical.

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  • Homing In- Exploring Your Nesting Instinct

    Turning Your Dream Into Reality

  • Do you dream of living in an authentic home... a legacy of beauty, health and environmental stewardship that reflects your deepest values? Perhaps you have already searched the conventional real estate offerings and realized that to truly fulfill your deepest vision you must build from scratch... a daunting challenge! This seminar will empower you to embark on your unique journey home. Prepare to be inspired as you gather with an intimate group for a deep exploration of all that home can be - a living sanctuary.

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  • Straw Clay Walls

  • Ancient Materials - Modern Techniques

    The straw clay wall is the core of the EcoNest building system. In this five day workshop learn how to efficiently wrap a building with a 12” thick blanket of dynamic insulation for health, comfort and building longevity.


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  • Natural Plasters

  • "The Magic of Mud"

    The purpose of plastering is to achieve a durable and finished surface that will protect the wall, enhance  beauty and contribute to a stable indoor environment. In the hands of a master craftsman natural plaster-work  can be an art form. In this workshop you  will receive detailed instruction from a master plasterer and gain hands-on experience plastering an EcoNest wall.

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  • Traditional Roof Construction

  • "A Good Hat"

    The roof of an EcoNest® is the most dominant exterior feature of the home. A well-executed roof should not only be beautiful but it should protect the walls and direct millions of gallons of water over the life of the home. In conventional construction, where the vast majority of roofs are pre-fabricated trusses the skills required for complex traditional roof framing is rarely taught.

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  • Earthen Floors

    with Sukita

  • Beautiful, sustainable and comfortable; earthen floors are rapidly gaining popularity as a natural, non-toxic flooring option. Coming from traditions all over the world and integrating with the building science of today, modern earthen floor construction combines tradition and science, to provide an exceptional product of unparalleled beauty and comfort for the conscientious homeowner.

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  • EcoNest Intensive

  • The EcoNest intensive is an accelerated learning experience in the philosophy and specialized techniques of EcoNest construction. For those desiring the efficiency of time and a discounted price, the EcoNest Intensive is a package of consecutive workshops and seminars offered by EcoNest. This is a very full and challenging hands-on training that will totally change the way you think about shelter and our impact on the planet. This package is well-suited to general contractors and owner-builders and is the core training for future EcoNest Affiliates.

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  • EcoNest Six-Week Apprenticeship: BootCamp

  • This six week accelerated skill builder will begin before the EcoNest Intensive, include all of the EcoNest Intensive workshops and Seminar, and continue after. Students will develop and hone building skills from foundation to roof framing, completing the shell of a small EcoNest under the direct guidance of Robert Laporte and his staff. The course is structured for those wishing to immerse themselves in natural building, expanding both skill and knowledge base. This boot camp will be physically and mentally challenging and is not designed for casual learning!

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  • Japanese Tools & Joinery

    with Dale Brotherton

  • No other culture brings the forest element home as does the Japanese. We are proud to host Renowned Japanese Woodworker Dale Brotherton ( Dale, together with Robert Laporte, will lead a maximum of eight students in this rare opportunity to bring together tools, trees and tradition for an intensive woodworker’s experience.

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