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Homing In- Exploring Your Nesting Instinct

Turning Your Dream Into Reality


Homing In- Exploring Your Nesting Instinct Homing In- Exploring Your Nesting Instinct Homing In- Exploring Your Nesting Instinct Homing In- Exploring Your Nesting Instinct Homing In- Exploring Your Nesting Instinct Homing In- Exploring Your Nesting Instinct Homing In- Exploring Your Nesting Instinct Homing In- Exploring Your Nesting Instinct

Plan now to join architect, educator and author Paula Baker-Laporte FAIA and take the first steps in the process of creating your own naturally healthy home. You will learn about:
1. The difference between a Conventional home and an Authentic home
2. Building Biology and important principles that will help you create health, well-being and ecology in your new home.
3. 5 conventional building Myths-so that you won’t be “mythlead”.
4. Prioritizing cost, size and quality.
5. Your personal resonance and how to create the home that is just right for you.
Come with an open mind and a willingness to explore! Enjoy a gourmet organic lunch which is included along with the activities of the day.
Homing In on Your Nesting Instinct may be taken as a class on its own or within the EcoNest Intensive.

The cost of Homing In on Your Nesting Instinct is $125.

Here's what some past attendees have to say about the Homing In Seminar:

"I've been meaning to email you to express my gratitude for your workshop.  I was familiar with some of the material - I have light chemical and EMF sensitivities - but the way that you framed it opened something up for me.  Not an hour goes by since leaving Econest where I'm not processing my week-long experience.  Deeply transformative - sincere thanks for this incredible and necessary work that you do!"  -Kesha Fikes,  August 2018

"I wanted to take a moment and show my gratitude for your generosity to offer me a space in your Saturday seminar. The flow of the day was really sweet and the participants all wonderful! You opened your home to us, fed us a delightful meal, educated us without lecturing us, and sent us out, deeply nourished, and I can't help but wanting to spread the lit a fire and I believe that this is only possible because you presented the Eco Nest concept with confidence (which comes from decades of 1st hand experience and your continuous desire to keep exploring), empathy for the wrongdoing and or ignorance of others (no blame!) and a true desire to share your truth (without imposing ego!) to help others!!!"  -Sandra Duncan, June 2018

"This EcoNest seminar made it clear that although it may not be easy, there are many possibilities available to make a great home without destroying more of the earth's precious resources."
- Monica Bounds

"This workshop confirms my thought that there is hope for the future and my desire to be a part of changing things."
- Judy Leece

"Fun and informative. I made new friends, learned a lot about clay/stray and got very excited about building my own dream."
- Patty Sherborne

"An organic and ecological feast of information."
- Robert Swimm

"A visual feast for those hungry to find out more about natural homebuilding. A portal into a world where houses are healthy, supportive and nourishing for all you do."
- Christopher Bell

"This was an intimate exposure to natural homebuilding and design. Paula and Robert each have a wealth of experience in their field and it shines through as they present the seminar."
- Bruce Gollub

"Robert and Paula are sincerely interested in doing their part to help the world (their venue is building, land restoration and healthy housing). They do it with great humility and care. In contrast, their buildings are spectacular, but still shine with the same caring."
- Leah Morton, MD

"You breathe easier, feel more free and can make a connection to nature in their houses."
- Alexi Botkin


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