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Natural Walls and Roof


Natural Walls and Roof

December 7-11

Cost $850

Although this is a healthy, natural building workshop for an actual Tiny House, the theory and skills learned are invaluable to any building project regardless of size. The beauty of this size project is you get to fast track and experience all aspects of a completed insulated shell of a structure in just 5 days - not 5 weeks or months.  This is very practical and empowering training.

You will learn:

Timber Frame: review of completed timber frame which receives an "outsulation" wrap.

Wall Construction:  build & install high performance SIPS ( structural insulation panels) to the timber frame.

Roof  Construction: Geometry, layout,tongue and groove ceilings , healthy insulation, roofing options.

Exterior and Interior wall finishes: natural plasters and various wood treatments

Shop drawings: Understand EcoNest's simple architectural plans .

Electrical and Plumbing: understanding "open built" design for future access

Scaffolding: Set yourself up for success for working off the ground on this 13' tall tiny house.

Tools:  Use & maintenance of hand and power tools.

Safety: Cultivating presence and respect 



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