EcoNest Natural Building Workshops and Timber Framing Workshops

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*New Workshop: Finishing Intensive EcoNest 101


*New Workshop: Finishing Intensive EcoNest 101 *New Workshop: Finishing Intensive EcoNest 101 *New Workshop: Finishing Intensive EcoNest 101

Join us for a brand new EcoNest workshop!

Finish here now.

Finishing a natural home and seeing all the pieces come together seamlessly is deeply satisfying.

Although it takes a lifetime to learn any craft, the journey is a delight with the right start.

What is the right start?

  • Good design . . . Each decision in the design process should be made with thoughtful intention.
  • Good materials . . . Nature’s beauty is unsurpassed. Let the soul of a tree bring out the best in you.
  • Good workmanship . . . Building is a noble profession founded on craftsmanship. In sharpening your chisel, you sharpen your mind.

Join us on the beautiful Saltspring Island, British Columbia for 10 days of finish work including:

  • Hand-cut roof construction
  • Timber framing
  • Deck building including stair and handrail construction
  • Natural plastering
  • Stone tilework
  • Finish tongue and groove ceiling carpentry

Price: $1500

Note: You will need to bring your own tools. Depending on what you own, you can plan to spend $300-$400 on tools. A complete list of recommended and required tools will be provided upon registration.

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