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EcoNest Stock Plans

EcoNest stock plans are architect-designed heirloom-quality homes- every aspect of the design and the specification of these homes is conceived with ecology, beauty, your health and well-being in mind.

Not everyone can afford the luxury of hiring an architect to design a custom home. Yet good design will have a positive effect on the quality of your life. It will also increase the value of your home. We offer these standardized stock plans with the intention of making well designed EcoNest floor plans available and affordable to more people.  Each set of drawings comes with a project manual that provides you, your builder and all sub-contractors with complete healthy home specifications that you will need to ensure that your new home will be a health enhancing environment.  If one of these plans is a good marriage with your site, budget and spatial requirements then you may be a good candidate for purchase of a stock plan set of construction drawings. The stock plan sets are available to home owners and builders who have taken EcoNest training.  If one of these stock plans can fit your needs with minor revisions or with a mirrored image, then purchase of modified stock plans may also be a cost-effective route for you.

For some of you, studying these plans will be a step along the way in helping you to define a future home uniquely tailored to your desires. Our architectural office is pleased to offer full-service, custom EcoNest design. We look forward to helping you create your new home.

FolkNest Series

FolkNest Series Splash Page-thumbnailThe FolkNest series has all of the hallmark EcoNest natural home qualities of health, ecology, beauty and craftsmanship in a more modestly priced package. This series is based on a simple 18′x 36′ timber-frame.

Each is designed to take advantage of passive solar gain with a south facing “sun bump”. A centrally located masonry heater can easily heat take care of the modest heating needs of this home. If you are looking for a simple starter home or are down-sizing to enjoy retirement then this may be the plan series for you.


FolkNest – 2B2B

This 938 square foot FolkNest is designed as a shop with the option of being converted into a home. The conversion plan features a master bedroom suite with bathroom and walk in closet, a 2nd bedroom and bathroom, and an open living, dining, and kitchen space with a masonry heater and a south-facing sun bump.


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FolkNest- F1

This is the smallest, single story one bedroom version. It can be expanded into model F2 to create a second bedroom.

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FolkNest- F2

F2 is a two bedroom single story home.

Variations: The south bedroom can be converted to a den or living room leaving room for a formal dining room in the center. The wall between these two functions is non-load bearing and can be completely removed or sliding pocket doors can open the spaces to one-another.

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FolkNest- F3

F-3 is a story and 1/2. Upstairs two bedrooms are tucked under the roof slopes. Bathroom and stairwell are full height under shed dormers.

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FolkNest- F3A

F3A is a one-bedroom variation on F3 where the 2nd floor is open to the living room above. The framing is designed so that a second bedroom can easily be added at a later date.

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FolkNest- F3B

F3B is a one bedroom variation on F3 where the upper floor bedroom is joined to the study and bathroom by a breezeway that overlooks the dining room below.

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FolkNest- F4

F4 is a variation on plan F3 showing an additional home office or guest room with its own exterior entry.

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FolkNest- F4A

F4A is a variation of F3 showing an additional ground floor 3-piece bath and bedroom entered through the living room making this an ideal guest room or granny suite.

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